Our 2023 TalentEgg Awards & Conference has concluded.

Thank you to our Top Student Judges for their meaningful work!


2023 Top Student Judges

Deepam Gandhi

School: Humber College, Lakeshore Campus

Major: International Business Management

Graduation Year: 2024

Current City: Etobicoke, Ontario

“Being a student judge has been an incredible experience for me. It has allowed me to develop my critical thinking and analytical skills while learning about the remarkable achievements of my peers. It has also given me a glimpse into the world of talent acquisition and management, which has been insightful and rewarding. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to contribute to the growth of the industry.

Deepam Gandhi

Aditya Shinde

School: Wilfrid Laurier University – Lazaridis School of Business and Economics

Major: Bachelor of Business Administration: Accounting

Graduation Year: 2025

Current City: Waterloo, Ontario

“It was an amazing experience. I loved how all the companies used different themes, colors, and fonts in their submissions. Also, it was lovely seeing how the companies incorporated their creative aspect into their submissions such as designing videos and adding pictures into their submissions. I was very impressed by the level of innovation and attention to detail displayed by the companies in their submissions. The website was extremely easy to navigate, and I was able to express my thoughts clearly with the help of the website’s options. Lastly, I would like to thank TalentEgg for giving me this opportunity!

Aditya Shinde

Ziga Poromon

School: University of Calgary

Major: Law and Society

Graduation Year: 2026

Current City: Calgary, Alberta

“I am so honoured to have had the opportunity to serve as a student judge. It was an amazing experience to judge the efforts individuals and companies put into providing better opportunities for students to grow in their careers and education. It challenged me to think critically and provide valuable feedback to benefit all students/grads, employers, and schools. I was exposed to so many interesting initiatives that are happening for students and grads in Canada. Thank you TalentEgg!

Ziga Poromon

Omar Mustafa

School: University of Windsor

Major: Honours Political Science

Graduation Year: 2024

Current City: Windsor, ON

“As a student judge, the experience went beyond the honorary title. The opportunity to analyze and evaluate compelling campaigns was invaluable. It was reassuring to know that employers are receptive to our insights, providing a sense of comfort in the importance of our opinions. I will always treasure being acknowledged as a top judge, and I am deeply grateful to Talentegg for creating a platform that allowed me to express my beliefs and values. This recognition is not only a personal accomplishment but also serves as a testament to the impact that students can have in the professional world.

Omar Mustafa

Why apply?

Get noticed

Although your individual comments will remain anonymous, the list of students and grads on the judging panel, including your name, program, (expected) graduation year, college or university, and email address, will be made available to all participating employers.

Gain experience

Almost every career path requires critical thinking and analysis, and your experience as part of the elite student panel judging the TalentEgg awards will provide you with hands-on experience in breaking down, analyzing, and deciding on some of the most sophisticated recruitment campaigns in the country.

Let your voice be heard

This is your chance to share your thoughts and opinions on the way that employers recruit top students and grads like you. This is an egg-cellent opportunity to get in front of top Canadian employers and make valuable connections for your future career!

Learn about top employers and career options

Your analysis will delve deep into the recruitment campaigns of many of Canada’s top employers and nonprofits, allowing you to learn about the organizations and the career opportunities available for students and new graduates.

Student Judging Process

Once selected as a Student Judge, you will be given a 1-week period to review employer, career centre and educational institution applications. You will read through each category, review the applicable submissions, comment on each individual submission and finally submit your vote on your top 3 choices (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) based on your review. Once the judging period has closed, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for completing the entire judging process. At that time, TalentEgg will also select the Top 10 Student Judges who will be featured in our Annual Guide to Recruitment, as well as on our website, blog and social media!

Become a Top Student Judge

After the judging process, we’ll be selecting 10 Top Student Judges who will be featured on our website, in our Annual Guide To Recruitment, and on our blog! How do you become a Top Student Judge? Give thorough, detailed and thoughtful feedback to top employers, submit your judging comments on time, and respond and communicate with the TalentEgg Awards team promptly.